Milling and Machining


Having the Turning & Milling capabilities tied into one machine allows for condensed cycle times and shorter lead times.


Our NMV5000 provides a 5-axis machine that offers outstanding speed and precision.


Complete machining through milling and turning on one machine in one clamping.


Completing multi-axis work is not an issue with multiple centers equipped with a Nikken 5th Axis.

NMV SERIES 5-Axis CNC Machine

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DMG DMC 125FD 5-Axis Machining Center

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There is no match for C&A’s milling capabilities or equipment resources. The industry’s most advanced milling and machining centers are at your disposal for a wide variety of machining operations. Whether it’s precision machined fuel injector components, orthopedic implants, or large automotive manifolds, our milling department has the resources and knowledge to cover any type of requirement.

  • Multiple Axis machining centers
  • Palletizing and indexing capabilities
  • Horizontal, Vertical, or 5-Axis work centers

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