Large Machining

DMG 125 FD

The DMG 125 is a 5-axis machining center with milling and turning capabilities. Ideal for large complex work pieces.

DMU 210 FD

With a maximum load capacity of 11,000 lbs. the DMU can do simultaneous milling & turning on extremely large parts.

NVL 1350 VTL

Our large vertical turning lathe responds to both turning & milling requirements on large diameter workpieces, while maintaining a high precision.


In addition to the 5-axis machines, C & A is equipped with a large slant bed lathe that can handle large diameters and long lengths.

Large Machining

As our customer’s projects have grown in size, so too have our capabilities. In order to handle large precision components, C&A has implemented equipment to complete these requests. From a large boring mill, to 5-Axis machining centers, we have the means to take on a variety of requirements.

Boring Mill

Table Size: 78" x 70"
Max. Table Weight: 22,000 LBS
40 Tool Magazine



DMC 125 FD

Table Ø: 49"
Max Length: 63"
Max Table Weight: 3,968 LBS
Pallet Changer
118 Tool Magazine




Table Ø:53.1"
Max Part Weight: 17,600 LBS
40 Tool Magazine




DMU 210 FD

Table Ø: 72"
Max Length: 49"
Max Table Weight: 11,023 LBS
58 Tool Magazine


Slant Bed Lathe

Max Ø: 36.2"
Max Bar Length: 128"
12 Station Turret



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