With EDM's multiple CNC machines located at our Churubusco and Auburn facilities capacity and ability is not a problem.

Hole Pop

With EDM and hole pop capabilities, C&A has the equipment available to handle work from all markets.

In Process

Sinker EDM in process.


Wire EDM job review.


More important than the equipment which performs the intricate, precision EDM burning is the experience and competence of the people managing the process. C&A offers decades of EDM experience along with some of the industries most skilled EDM operators. C&A has a full range of Electrical Discharge Milling resources available for future challenges.

  • CNC EDM machines with automatic electrode changers (tank size 31” x 47”)
  • Graphite NC Milling Machine
  • CNC submersible 5-Axis Wire EDM
  • Traveling Wire EDM w/ 12” Z-Axis height S/AWF-12”
  • CNC high-speed hole popper w/ 24 station tool changer
  • Hole popper (tank size 24” x 12”)

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